Female Sexual Dysfunction Treatment

What is Female Sexual Dysfunction?

80% of women suffer from hormonal imbalance, with 70% being unaware. Female sexual dysfunction can cause strain on your relationship and more importantly causing you major distress.

You may have Female Sexual Dysfunction if you have reoccurring problems that include:
• Lack of desire
• Little or no sexual response
• Difficulty or incapability to orgasm
• Pain or discomfort with sex

Many women will experience at some point in their lives problems with intimacy and/or sexual function, some struggle their entire lives. It can start at any age, from your first sexual experience to later in your mature age. It can be triggered by certain situations, with certain partners or in all sexual situations. A 2016 meta-analysis suggests that over 40% of premenopausal women worldwide experience at least one type of sexual dysfunction. Of those, 28% reported low sexual desire.

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