Anti-Aging Treatment

What is Anti-Aging Medical Treatment?

Studies have shown that most mature adults live out their final years with chronic ailments, such as heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, or even chronic pain. The goal of anti-aging medical treatments is to treat the primary sources of aging to ease any ailments that correlate with the aging process.

At Jersey Alternative Medicine, we are here to provide solutions to help our patients live their lives to the fullest regardless of their age.

Causes of Aging

Aging, “that which happens to our bodies over time.” There is no stopping the process. Another day, another year. Aging is ultimately a combination of physiological changes in our bodies and the environmental factors we are exposed to. While the latter is often beyond our control, some environmental factors are modifiable and may influence the course of aging.(1)

According to researchers, there are four different biological pathways, “ageotypes,”: metabolic, immune, liver and kidney that affect aging.
• Metabolic ageotypes are at greater risk to develop type 2 diabetes as they age(2)
• Liver ageotype are at greater risk for liver disease as they age(2)
• Immune ageotype are at greater risk for inflammation and immune system disorders as they age(2)


What Can An Anti-Aging Medical Treatment Program Do For You?

Together with our team at Jersey Alternative Medicine, we are ready to customized a program that will not only improve your health but will optimize and enhance your body. With a specialized diet with proven antioxidants and nutraceutical supplements, your anti-aging solution will help restore your hormone levels and enhance your physical performance daily to get you feeling youthful and energized.

Easy, quick, and discreet. Start living your optimal life today.